Wednesday, 26 June 2013

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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

#Rock the Union: VoteWatch Europe is now official co-operation partner with

VoteWatch Europe becomes official co-operation partner of the Rock the Union tour

We are happy to announce that VoteWatch Europe is now official co-operation partner of the "Rock the Union" tour project. VoteWatch Europe provides for the tour.

What is

On 22-­‐25 May 2014 Europe's voters will go to the polls to elect a new European Parliament.

This will be followed by the nomination and confirmation of a new European Commission. is a project co-financed by the European Parliament, aimed at preparing young and first­time voters for participation in the elections by informing them about key decisions taken by the European Parliament in the current legislature and showing what is at stake in key policy areas.

How will work?

VoteWatch Europe is developing a dedicated, innovative website and associated online tools (apps, widgets) that will allow young voters to gain a better understanding of the role and functioning of the European Parliament and the policy choices made by MEPs on a set of 15 key issues of interest to young
The website will be available in English, French, German, Italian, Polish and Spanish, and will be launched
in Brussels in mid-­‐September 2013.

Users can take a survey of their political preferences in which they vote on the selected issues. On the basis
of the choices they make the website will tell users which MEPs, national parties and EP political groups
match their preferences most closely.

The test will be embedded in the League of Young Voters’ website, and will also be available through a
mobile application.

In addition, the website will also include interactive games testing users’ knowledge on the European Parliament.

What's next?

This is just the beginning! We intend to keep the project running until the European elections of 2014. As we
approach election week VoteWatch Europe will publish information about new candidates as well as existing MEPs, electoral campaigns, and electoral systems in EU member states, broadening our audience to all age groups.

Stay tuned for updates on this project at and

Monday, 24 June 2013

#RocktheUnion - Open call for team members - This goes out to all the people in Europe who are looking for a chance and an adventure.

The "Rock the Union" project is looking for team members.

We finally prolonged our call. We are  looking for someone who preferably comes from Northern Europe (like Baltics, Scandinavia), since we are already a German, a Cypriot, a Romanian and an Italian.

If you are interested you should,
  • have passion for the European idea,
  • be willing to travel for nine moths in a bus with five other people,
  • speak at least English and one other European language fluently,
  • have a good reason to apply,
  • find all information you need to know about the tour in general on this blog,
  • be available from July 31st 2013
  • prepare a video (device doesn't matter) in which you explain in less then one minute: 
  • who you are, 
  • what you are good at 
  • and which reason you have to come on the tour.
The team members are not paid during the tour. However the tour covers three meals a day, a bed in a hotel and a monthly reimbursement for the work and dedication put into the project.

Deadline for application: July 21st 2013. Please send your application videos to

If you checked first if you get paid or are thinking about writing an email to to find out how much you will get reimbursed, you can consider yourself to not be eligible for the tour.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

#RocktheUnion - Tour dates and locations! We come to you!

View #Rock the Union - Locations in a larger map

If you want to hep us in your city as a volunteer, as an organiser or sponsor please write to us: Contact person Hans.

#RocktheUnion SV

Rock the Union

Det huvudsakliga målet med detta projektet är att öka medvetenheten om de kommande valet till Europaparlamentet 2014. Tillsammans med ett team av 5 personer, plus busschauffören vill jag åka igenom alla 28 medlemsstater i en gammal engelsk Routemaster.
  • Mellan mitten av september och den 16 maj 2014 för att diskutera EU med medborgarna på lokal nivå 
  • och för att diskutera varför Europaparlamentsvalet är viktigt för Europas framtid 
  • men också för att främja valdeltagandet 
  • samt för att ge medborgarna en chans att nå ut med sitt budskap till de kandidater som ställer upp i valet 2014. 
Det kommer inte att förekomma någon form av marknadsföring för någon enskild kandidat eller parti.

Projektet behöver finansiellt stöd såväl som moraliskt stöd från väljare och politiker.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

#Rocktheunion is proud & happy to announce our new co-patron! Ulrike Guérot!

The "Rock the Union" team is happy to announce that Ulrike Guérot is our first female co-patron for the "Rock the Union" tour!

Ulrike Guérot Phd. is the Head of the European Council on Foreign Relations, Berlin Office, and is leading the Germany in Europe project where she is active in the Reinvention of Europe programme.
We are happy to have her on board of our "Rock the Union" tour!

Monday, 17 June 2013

We will #rocktheUnion with our media partner CaféBabel!

We are happy to announce our media partnership with Café The European Magazine!

The "Rock the Union" tour will be covered by our great media partner The European Magazine! We are happy to have this great network of young and engaged journalists from all over Europe on our side!

#RocktheUnion: We can proudly announce that we have our first patron! Jo Leinen!

Jo Leinen

Jo Leinen, President of the European Movement International, and chair of the Political Committee on the “Future of Europe” just confirmed that he is happy to be one of our co-patrons of the "Rock the Union" tour!

We say thank you Mr Leinen! Looking forward to rock the Union with you and the European Movement!

Friday, 14 June 2013

#RocktheUnion PT

Rock the Union

O principal objetivo do projeto é aumentar a conscientização dos cidadãos sobre as próximas eleições do Parlamento Europeu em 2014.

Eu quero passar por todos os 28 Estados-Membros num antigo Routemaster Inglês juntamente com uma equipa de cinco pessoas, mais o condutor do autocarro, entre meados de Setembro até 16 de maio de 2014 para:
  • Debater a Europa com os cidadãos a nível local,
  • Debater a importância das eleições do Parlamento Europeu para o futuro da Europa,
  • Promover a participação activa na vida política - eleições,
  • Dar a oportunidade aos cidadãos de enviarem as suas mensagens aos candidatos às eleições de 2014.
Entenda-se que não haverá qualquer tipo de promoção de nenhum candidato em específico ou de qualquer partido político.

Para que este projecto avançar todo o apoio financeiro, bem como político e da sociedade civil são necessários.

#RocktheUnion LV

Rock the Union

Projekta galvenais mērķis ir veicināt izpratni par nākamajām Eiropas Parlamenta vēlēšanām 2014. gadā.

Starp septembra vidu un 16. maiju 2014. gadā, slavenajā Londonas divstāvu autobusā, kopā ar 5 cilvēku komandu un autobusa vadītāju es vēlos apceļot visas 28 dalībvalstis, lai:
  • apspriestu Eiropu ar vietējiem iedzīvotājiem,
  • izskaidrotu kāpēc Eiropas Parlamenta vēlēšanas ir svarīgas Eiropas nākotnei,
  • veicinātu ideju piedalīties vēlēšanās,
  • dotu iedzīvotājiem iespēju nosūtīt savu vēstījumu kandidātiem, kas balotējās 2014. gada vēlēšanās.
Tomēr neviens kandidāts vai politiskā partija nekādā veidā netiks reklamēti.

Projektam ir nepieciešams finansiālais atbalsts, kā arī atbalsts no politiskās un pilsoniskās sabiedrības.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

George Papandreou: Imagine a European democracy without borders #rocktheunion!

This man has understood some things!

And he is right!

#RocktheUnion BG

Rock the Union

Основната цел на проекта е да информира гражданите за предстоящите Избори за Европейски Парламент през 2014.

Заедно с екип от 5 човека бих искал да обиколя всички 28 страни-членки между средата на Септември и средата на Май 2014.
  • на локално ниво с гражданите да обсъдим темите, свързани с Европа
  • да обсъдим защо Изборите за Европейски Парламент за важни за бъдещето на Европа
  • да разпространим идеята, че е важно всички ние да участваме в този избор
  • да дадем възможност на гражданите да изразят своите искания към кандидатите в предстоящите Евроизбори 2014.
Инициативата, обаче, няма да бъде придружена с предизборна агитация, за когото и да било от кандидатите.
Проектът ни се нуждае от финансово подпомагане, както и от политическа и гражданска подкрепа.

#RocktheUnion LT

Rock the Union

Pagrindinis projekto tikslas yra didinti supratimą apie artėjančius Europos Parlamento rinkimus 2014 metais.

Kartu su 5 komados nariais ir autobuso vairuotoju aš noriu aplankyti visas 28 šalis nares dviaukščiu autobusu tarp rugsėjo vidurio ir gegužės 16 dienos 2014 metais:
  • Diskutuoti su piliečiais vietiniame lygmenyje, 
  • Diskutuoti kodėl Europos Parlamento rinkimai yra svarbūs Europos ateičiai, 
  • Skatinti dalyvavimo rinkimuose idėją, 
  • Suteikti piliečiams galimybę perduoti jų žinutę kandidatams, ketinantiems dalyvauti 2014-ųjų metų rinkimuose. 
Projekto metu nebus jokios kandidatų ir politinių partijų reklamos.

Projektui reikia labai daug finansinės paramos: tiek iš politinės, tiek iš pilietinės visuomenės pusės.

#RocktheUnion EL

Rock the Union

Ο κύριος στόχος του προγράμματος είναι να αυξηθεί η ευαισθητοποίηση για τις επερχόμενες εκλογές του Ευρωπαϊκού Κοινοβουλίου το 2014.

Μαζί με μια ομάδα 5 ατόμων συν τον οδηγό του λεωφορείου θέλουμε να ταξιδέψουμε μέσα από όλα τα 28 κράτη μέλη σε ένα παλιό αγγλικό Routemaster από τα μέσα Σεπτεμβρίου ως τις 16 Μαΐου 2014.
  • να συζητήσουμε για την Ευρώπη με τους πολίτες σε τοπικό επίπεδο, 
  • να συζητήσουμε γιατί οι ευρωεκλογές είναι σημαντικές για το μέλλον της Ευρώπης, 
  • να προωθήσουμε την ιδέα της συμμετοχής στις εκλογές, 
  • να δώσουμε στους πολίτες την ευκαιρία να στείλουν το μήνυμά τους στους υποψηφίους των εκλογών του 2014. 
Ωστόσο, δεν θα υπάρξει κανενός είδους προώθηση σε κανένα μεμονωμένο υποψήφιο ή κόμμα.

Για το έργο υπάρχει η μεγάλη οικονομική στήριξη που χρειάζεται, καθώς και στήριξη από την πολιτική και την αστική πλευρά της κοινωνίας των πολιτών.

#RocktheUnion IT

Rock the Union

L'obiettivo principale del progetto e' dare risalto alle prossime elezioni del Parlamento europeo nel 2014.

Insieme ad un team composto da cinque persone, piu' un autista di bus, voglio girare tutti i 28 paesi membri dell'Unione a bordo di un vecchio English Routemaster, nel periodo compreso tra settembre e il 16 maggio 2014:
  • Per discutere d'Europa con i cittadini a livello locale, 
  • per discutere del perche' le elezioni europee sonoo importanti per il futuro d'Europa, 
  • Per promuovere l'importanza della partecipazione alle elezioni, 
  • Per dare ai cittadini la possibilita' di inviare i loro messaggi ai candidati alle elezioni europee 2014 
In ogni caso, non verra' effettuata nessun tipo di promozione per candidati o partiti sngoli.

Per realizzare il progetto, sara' necessario disporre di molto supporto finanziaro, nonche' di appoggio politico e della societa' civile.

#RocktheUnion PL

„Rock the Union”

Głównym celem projektu jest podniesienie świadomości społecznej na temat zbliżających się wyborów do Parlamentu Europejskiego w 2014 roku.

Od połowy sierpnia 2013 do 16 maja 2014 - podróżując starym angielskim dwupiętrowym autobusem - planuję razem z grupą sześciu osób odwiedzić wszystkie 28 państw członkowskich Unii Europejskiej.
  • Chcemy rozmawiać o Europie z jej obywatelami. 
  • Chcemy rozmawiać o tym, dlaczego wybory do Parlamentu Europejskiego są ważne dla przyszłości Europy. 
  • Chcemy promować udział w wyborach. 
  • Chcemy dać obywatelom Unii Europejskiej szansę przekazania wiadomości kandydatom startującym w wyborach 2014 roku. 
Nie będzie to jednak w żaden sposób promocja konkretnego kandydata ani partii.

Dla realizacji projektu potrzebne jest wsparcie finansowe oraz pomoc ze strony polityków i społeczeństwa obywatelskiego.

#RocktheUnion ES

"Rock the Union"

El objetivo principal del proyecto es concienciar a los ciudadanos de la importancia de las próximas elecciones al Parlamento Europeo en 2014.

Junto con un equipo de 5 personas más el conductor de autobús, quiero recorrer los 28 estados miembros en un viejo Routemaster inglés entre mediados de septiembre y el 16 de mayo 2014 para:
  • hablar de Europa a los ciudadanos en el ámbito local, 
  • discutir por qué las elecciones al Parlamento Europeo son importantes para el futuro de Europa, 
  • promover la participación en las elecciones y 
  • dar a los ciudadanos la oportunidad de enviar su mensaje a los candidatos que se presentan a un cargo en dichas elecciones. 
Sin embargo, no habrá ningún tipo de publicidad de ningún candidato ni de ningún partido.

Para llevar a cabo este proyecto, es necesario un gran apoyo financiero así como el apoyo de la clase política y de la sociedad civil.

#RocktheUnion FR

"Rock the Union"

L’objectif principal du projet est de d’éveiller les consciences au sujet des élections du Parlement Européen en 2014.

Accompagné d’une équipe de 5 personnes et d’un chauffeur, je veux parcourir les 28 Etats membres à bord d’un vieux bus à impériale anglais, entre mi-septembre et le 16 mai 2014.
  • pour discuter de l’Europe avec les citoyens à un niveau local, 
  • pour discuter des raisons pour lesquelles les élections du Parlement Européen sont importantes pour le futur de l’Europe, 
  • pour promouvoir l’idée de prendre part aux élections , 
  • pour donner l’opportunité aux citoyens d’envoyer leurs messages aux candidats se présentant aux élections de 2014. 
Cependant, aucune sorte de promotion d’un candidat seul ou d’un parti n’y trouvera sa place.

Pour le projet, une certaine aide financière est requise, de même qu’un soutien du côté politique et des sociétés civiles.

#RocktheUnion DE

„Rock the Union“

Ziel des Projektes ist es das Bewusstsein für die europäischen Parlamentswahlen 2014 in der gesamten Europäischen Union zu fördern.

Zusammen mit einem Team von 6 Leuten, werde ich ab Mitte September 2013 bis zum 16. Mai 2014 in einem englischen Routemaster Bus durch die Mitgliedsstaaten der Europäischen Union fahren und in verschiedenen Städten: 
  • mit Bürgern, lokalen Institutionen und zivilgesellschaftlichen Akteuren über Europa und die Zukunft Europas diskutieren 
  • das Wissen und das Bewusstsein um die Europaparlamentswahlen verbreiten 
  • diskutieren warum es wichtig ist an der Wahl zum Europaparlament teilzunehmen 
  • Bürgern die Möglichkeit geben ihre Ansichten und Erwartungen an die Politik zu formulieren und diese über das Projekt zu verbreiten. 
Ziel soll es nicht sein irgendeinen Parlamentarier oder eine Partei zu fördern.

Dieses Projekt braucht Unterstützung sowohl im finanziellen Bereich als auch von politischer und zivilgesellschaftlicher Seite, ich bitte euch alle das „Rock the Union“ Projekt zu unterstützen.

#RocktheUnion EN

"Rock the Union"

The main goal of the project is to raise awareness about the coming European Parliament elections 2014.

Together with a team of 5 people plus bus driver I want to go through all 28 member states in an old English Routemaster between the middle of September and May 16th 2014:
  • to discuss Europe with the citizens on the local level, 
  • to discuss why the European Parliament elections are important for the future of Europe, 
  • to promote the idea of taking part in the elections, 
  • to give the citizens a chance to send out their message to the candidates running for office in 2014. 
However, there will not be any kind of promotion of any single candidate or party.

For the project there is a lot of financial support needed as well as support from the political and the civil society side.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Every step I take

So here we are! Organizing one of the biggest European Parliament election campaigns this European Union has seen so far. You might not believe how often I have heard the word crazy in the last days since Monday. Well I have heard it before, that's part of being me, but never so often in regard to one of my ideas.

On the other hand I receive so much great input, support and backing from many different people right now, that I can only say, even if this is crazy, it is the best idea I had in a long time and it will work. In September we will star our "Rock the Union" - tour! We will rock with all of you and I am so looking forward to do this!

It is the end of day 3 of the project. It already becomes weird since I have responses from more people I wrote to in the first two days then I normally have in one month. It surprises me a bit, but the project is hitting a nerve and I am on the other side sometimes really annoying. 

The good thing is that you can now already read the project outline in English, German, French, Spanish, Polish, Greek and Lithuanian, isn't that great? So if you want to share the outline with your friends in your language, just visit the "Outline - in different languages" page on this blog and share it.

Besides I am right now looking for some people, so to say the crew or team. I am looking for some real freaks. People who are looking forward for a great adventure and who are really good in doing certain things. 

So I need one person who is really good in social media. This mean the person is really into Facebook, Google+ and Twitter understands the use of Foursquare and does also understand how to use Youtube right.

I also need someone who is really good in video. You should be good in taking pictures and capturing videos as well as editing them fast  and efficient. 

The third person I am looking for a s passionate Europe blogger, someone who will tell our story. All we are not doing visual will be done by you. You write.

All three people need to be fluently in English and minimum one other European language.
All people will be working in the team for nine months so your planning should last for the whole tour. We are working on getting the funds to pay every member of the team an amount of 1500 Euro per month. SO if you know some sponsors you are welcome to share them with me.

Regarding sponsorship: Every company which is working Europe wide and is interested in having some advertisement which tours under great publicity through the whole European Union on the back of an old English Route master is happy to buy a space of 25*25 cm for the amount of 7500 Euro. This money will be used to finance the team and the work we all want to do.

Since we only have some 90 days to get this project going we are in need of a preparation funding which helps us to meet with potential team members, get administrative things done and pay for so funny things like domains. For this purpose we have decided to open a Paypal account to which you can donate money if you want to support us. This is however not the crowd funding campaign which we will launch with the complete team July 1st 2013. 

So now its 1:30 Brussels time and I am ready for my bed. I hope this post finds you good and you will like and share it as well as the whole project.

You can always write me or post on the Facebook page or use the hashtag #rocktheunion on Twitter ;)