Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Every step I take

So here we are! Organizing one of the biggest European Parliament election campaigns this European Union has seen so far. You might not believe how often I have heard the word crazy in the last days since Monday. Well I have heard it before, that's part of being me, but never so often in regard to one of my ideas.

On the other hand I receive so much great input, support and backing from many different people right now, that I can only say, even if this is crazy, it is the best idea I had in a long time and it will work. In September we will star our "Rock the Union" - tour! We will rock with all of you and I am so looking forward to do this!

It is the end of day 3 of the project. It already becomes weird since I have responses from more people I wrote to in the first two days then I normally have in one month. It surprises me a bit, but the project is hitting a nerve and I am on the other side sometimes really annoying. 

The good thing is that you can now already read the project outline in English, German, French, Spanish, Polish, Greek and Lithuanian, isn't that great? So if you want to share the outline with your friends in your language, just visit the "Outline - in different languages" page on this blog and share it.

Besides I am right now looking for some people, so to say the crew or team. I am looking for some real freaks. People who are looking forward for a great adventure and who are really good in doing certain things. 

So I need one person who is really good in social media. This mean the person is really into Facebook, Google+ and Twitter understands the use of Foursquare and does also understand how to use Youtube right.

I also need someone who is really good in video. You should be good in taking pictures and capturing videos as well as editing them fast  and efficient. 

The third person I am looking for a s passionate Europe blogger, someone who will tell our story. All we are not doing visual will be done by you. You write.

All three people need to be fluently in English and minimum one other European language.
All people will be working in the team for nine months so your planning should last for the whole tour. We are working on getting the funds to pay every member of the team an amount of 1500 Euro per month. SO if you know some sponsors you are welcome to share them with me.

Regarding sponsorship: Every company which is working Europe wide and is interested in having some advertisement which tours under great publicity through the whole European Union on the back of an old English Route master is happy to buy a space of 25*25 cm for the amount of 7500 Euro. This money will be used to finance the team and the work we all want to do.

Since we only have some 90 days to get this project going we are in need of a preparation funding which helps us to meet with potential team members, get administrative things done and pay for so funny things like domains. For this purpose we have decided to open a Paypal account to which you can donate money if you want to support us. This is however not the crowd funding campaign which we will launch with the complete team July 1st 2013. 

So now its 1:30 Brussels time and I am ready for my bed. I hope this post finds you good and you will like and share it as well as the whole project.

You can always write me or post on the Facebook page or use the hashtag #rocktheunion on Twitter ;)

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