Thursday, 13 June 2013

#RocktheUnion EN

"Rock the Union"

The main goal of the project is to raise awareness about the coming European Parliament elections 2014.

Together with a team of 5 people plus bus driver I want to go through all 28 member states in an old English Routemaster between the middle of September and May 16th 2014:
  • to discuss Europe with the citizens on the local level, 
  • to discuss why the European Parliament elections are important for the future of Europe, 
  • to promote the idea of taking part in the elections, 
  • to give the citizens a chance to send out their message to the candidates running for office in 2014. 
However, there will not be any kind of promotion of any single candidate or party.

For the project there is a lot of financial support needed as well as support from the political and the civil society side.

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