Thursday, 25 July 2013

Together we change Europe! Your support makes it possible!

First: A big THANK YOU!

Dear friends, fans, supporters and followers,

I have to thank you all very much for what you have done until now to help the Rock the Union project  to take great steps toward realization, without you the last six weeks of organizing, finding team members, translating outlines and pages and finding people who have good advice I would never have gotten to this current point.

I also want to thank all of you who have supported us making the video for our crowd funding campaign:

All this would not have been possible without all of your good advice and the seriously really great and positive energy you all unleash when you are spreading the word. The video alone has been viewed over 2200 times on Facebook!  This is amazing. Now we come to the next step which we have to take. 
This tour can only start to go on the road if we collect the money we need. The tour all will cost 375.000 Euro. 

We ask you to help funding this project 


This is a lot of money and neither I nor the other team members have the money to do pay this. This is why we ask you to help us. We ask you fund this project. We do not do this because of fun. We all know how difficult it is in the times we are living in to spend money on things which are not needed really urgently. But we have to ask you for money, because we cannot come to your city if we do not have the money to get there. 
I, as the founder of the tour, have already spent 1125 Euro into this project in the last six weeks, which until now is all I can give, since I am self-employed and do not have so much work during the summer break. 
The team members are putting the spare time they have, while they are fully working topay their lives, into this project which is by now all I and you can ask for. 

We would not ask for any money if we could afford the tour ourselves 


So you see, we would not ask for any money if we could afford the tour ourselves. In the end the tour is not just a tour  of the 5 people, but the tour of all of US, this means you, your friends and families and their friends and families and us and our friends and families. Rock the Union is the tour to change Europe together! If we all give what  we can give, we will be able to change Europe together!

How can I help financing?


Crowd funding:
In order to raise the money we need to come to your city, so that we together can change Europe, we created the crowd funding campaign on Ulule which you can find on the top of this page; it the thing with the owl ;) Or here on the link: 

Donation via Paypal or bank transfer:
We say every Euro makes a difference, but on the crowd funding we have to ask for minimum 5 Euro per person, so we did two things:
1. We created a PayPal account, which also allows you fund this project if you do not have a credit card. You can fund the project by using the button below or on the right of the blog.  


2. This project has an account just for the fundraising. So if you do want to support the project by putting some money into this project, but do not want to use a credit card or PayPal you can make a bank transfer to the Rock the Union account:  

"Rock the Union" IBAN: BE92 363540753923 BIC: BBRUBEBB


Fair play!


In any way, we ask you to put your name and your email address in the donation you give us. The reason is easy. In case we will not reach the money we need, we will be fair and honest and give you back the amount of money you gave us. This is a  matter of fair play and trust.


Captain Europe Special!


Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Rock the Union in Slovak

Rock the Union

Hlavným účelom projektu je zvýšiť podvedomie o nadchádzajúcich voľbách do Európskeho parlamentu v roku 2014.

Spoločne s týmom 5 ľudí, plus s šoférom autobusu, plánujem od polovice septembra 2013 až do 16. mája 2014 precestovať všetkých 28 členských krajín Európskej únie v starom anglickom double-deckeri s následujúcimi cieľmi:
  • diskutovať o Európe s občanmi na lokálnej úrovni, 
  • diskutovať o tom, prečo sú volby do Európskeho parlamentu dôležité pre budúcnosť Európy,
  • podporovať myšlienku účasti na volbách, 
  • dať šancu občanom vyslať svoju správu kandidátom pre voľby v roku 2014.

Akákoľvek podpora akejkoľvek politickej strany či kandidáta je však vylúčená.

Tento projekt potrebuje nemalú finančnú a politickú podporu, ale aj podporu občianskej spoločnosti.

Rock the Union in Czech

Rock the Union

Hlavním účelem projektu je zvýšit povědomí o nadcházejících volbách do Evropského parlamentu v roce 2014.

Společně s týmem 5 lidí, plus s řidičem autobusu, plánuji počínaje polovinou září 2013 až do 16. května 2014 projet všech 28 členských států Evropské unie v starém anglickém double-deckeru s následujícími cíly:
  • diskutovat o Evropě s občany na lokální úrovni,
  • diskutovat o tom, proč jsou volby do Evropského parlamentu důležité pro budoucnost Evropy,
  • podporovat myšlenku zúčastnění se voleb,
  • dát šanci občanům vyslat svou zprávu kandidátům pro volby v roce 2014.
Jakákoliv podpora kterékoliv politické strany či kandidáta je nicméně vyloučena.
Tento projekt potřebuje značnou finanční a politickou podporu, ale i podporu občanské společnosti.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Outline in Catalan.

Rock the Union

L’objectiu principal del projecte és conscienciar sobre les properes Eleccions Parlamentàries Europees del 2014.

Junt amb un equip de 5 persones i el conductor de l’autobus, vull anar a atrvés dels 28 estats membres en un antic Routemaster anglès, de mitjans de setembre fins al 16 de maig del 2014:
  • Per debatre sobre Europa amb els ciutadans, a nivell local
  • Per debatre per què les eleccions al Parlament europeu són importants per al futur d’Europa
  • Per promoure la idea de prendre part en les eleccions
  • Per donar als ciutadans una oportunitat per enviar missatges als candidats que concorrin a les eleccions del 2014
Tanmateix, no es farà cap tipus de promoció de partits o candidats. 

Per aquest projecte, necessitarem molt support financer, aixó com també, support de la societat civil I política.

Monday, 15 July 2013

Eurobubble T-shirts as reward for our crowdfunding campaign

We will launch our crowdfunding campain in the coming days. For this we are partnering up with Eurobubble who will support us with Eurobubble T-shirts for everyone who funds the Rock the Union tour with 30+ Euro.
Eurobubble T-Shirts
You can find our crowdfunding campaign in the following days on

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Welcome our partner the European Dialogue of Perspective Attitude (EDPA)

We now have our first partner in Slovakia. The European Dialogue of Perspective Attitude (EDPA), a civic platform to develop and support building up a European identity in Slovakia, will help us with the events in Košice and Bratislava 24.01.2014.
It considers itself as an information media of European affairs for the youth in Slovakia. Members of the association believe, that the strength of the EU lies in each citizen because citizens are ones of main actors in politics of the EU by which we are touched everyday. The European Dialogue of Perspective Attitude (EDPA) is to create an educational platform, to inform about european affairs and about opportunities for citizens of the Slovak Republic, mainly for the youth. Its goal is to mobilise active pro-European thinking people, to defend and promote Slovak interests in the EU.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Rock the Union all about it, a great article on OneEurope by Andreea Anastasiu

Rock the Union - OneEurope

We will rock the Union with OneEurope!

It's a day for a celebration! The young community driven platform OneEurope is now our partner for the Rock the Union tour! We are happy to have this great platform with us on the tour!

"OneEurope is a grass-root organisation supported by a community of volunteers from all over Europe. It is a place of informed and informing debate, a place to get inspired and to gain insight into Europe's diverse opinion culture. It is furthermore a platform to connect, network and get an overview over the European political and public sphere. OneEurope creates a hub to exchange insights and breathe the spirit and the diversity of Europe."

We are looking forward to have a great debate!

We welcome our new patron Mr Henri Malosse!

Today we are happy to announce that we have a new patron, Mr Henri Malosse
Henri Malosse

Mr Malosse is currently the President of the European Economic and Social Committee of the European Union. 

He supports the "Rock the Union" tour  project, because he strongly believes in the need to bring Europe back to its citizens
He speaks five languages, comes from the French island of Corsica and is now our first French patron. 
We are happy that he is with us. For more information about Mr Malosse please see: 

Twitter or read his Blog.

Happy to announce that the ECI "Let me Vote" will be with us on tour!

The European Citizens' Initiative "Let Me Vote" will be part of our tour. Why? Because we think that this initiative is a good thing. The idea of our tour is to raise awareness about the European Parliament elections in 2014  so why not support a Citizens'  Initiative that which was created and is organised to help all of you who have no voting rights in their country of residence.

You can sign the initiative on the bus while we will be on tour, but i f you do  not want to wait until then, you are welcome to sign it here already:

Monday, 8 July 2013

#RocktheUnion RO

Rock the Union

Principalul obiectiv al acestui proiect este acela de a atrage atenția asupra următoarelor alegeri pentru Parlamentul European din 2014.

Călătorind într-un vechi autobuz de tip englezesc, alături de o echipa formată din 5 membri plus șoferul, îmi propun să vizitez toate cele 28 de state membre UE între jumătatea lui Septembre 2013 și Mai 2014.

Ne propunem:
  • să discutăm despre Europa cu localnicii 
  • să dezbatem motivele pentru care sunt importante alegerile parlamentare europene pentru viitorul Europei 
  • să promovăm simțul civic și participarea efectivă la alegeri 
  • să dăm șansa cetățenilor de a se face auziți în rândul candidaților la alegerile din 2014 
Proiectul nu va favoriza sau promova niciun candidat sau partid politic.

Pentru reușita acestui proiect sunt necesare atât un sprijin finaciar consistent, cât și susținere din partea factorilor politici și societății civile.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

European Dreams Fare - Europe in my life

The idea of the European Dreams Fare:

Who ever said that Europe is a boring topic did not meet the people we are bringing together for the nicest four hour event of the "Rock the Union" tour. 

We will bring together: 

local artists
(DJs, painters, comic artists, poets, dancers, singers, chefs), 

the local civil society
(people who are active in your city to promote Europe & a better common life for all of us), 

the Europe Direct Offices
(people with an enormous knowledge about Europe and the European Union),

(people who know about jobs and work in Europe),

local businesses 
(those who like the European idea),


Your friends
Your family

Europe is about you and your life. We do not care as much about politics as we care about you, your needs, ideas wishes. We want you to tell us all of these things. We want you to enjoy a moment of great fun with all of us, your friends, your family. We want you to Rock the Union!

If you consider yourself to be any of the above mentioned and you want to take part in the European Dreams Fare, let us know by writing to

Monday, 1 July 2013

#RocktheUnion HR

Rock the Union

Glavni cilj projekta je podizanje svijesti o nadolazećim izborima za Europski parlament 2014.

Zajedno s timom od pet osoba plus vozač autobusa želimo proći kroz svih 28 zemalja članica u starom engleskom Routemaster između sredine rujna i 16. svibnja 2014:
  • kako bi raspravljali o Europi s građana na lokalnoj razini,
  • kako bi raspravljalii zašto su izbori za Europski parlament važni za budućnost Europe,
  • promicati ideju sudjelovanju na izborima,
  • dati građanima priliku da pošalju svoju poruku kandidatima koji se natječu za Europski parlament u 2014.
Međutim, tu neće biti nikakvih vrsta promocije bilo jednog kandidata ili stranke.

Za projekt je potrebno puno financijske potpore, kao i potpore od strane političkog i civilnog društva.

@debatingeurope becomes official co-operation partner of the #rocktheunion tour

We are happy to announce that we now have Debating Europe as official co-operation partner for the 
"Rock the Union" tour. 
Debating Europe is the debating platform that aims on getting you and me and all of us into the debate about Europe. As our co-operation partners they will help us to get answers to the questions we will not be able to answer in your city. They will go to the politicians and representatives in Brussels and ask them your question in order to get you answers. We are happy to have Debating Europe on board the tour.

#RocktheUnion NL

Rock the Union

De hoofddoelstelling van dit project is om meer bewustwording te genereren voor de Europese Parlementsverkiezingen in 2014.

Ik wil samen met een team van vijf mensen plus buschauffeur door alle 28 lidstaten rijden in een oude Engelse Routemaster tussen midden september 2013 en 16 mei 2014.
  • Om over Europa te discussiëren met burgers
  • Om te discussiëren over waarom de Europese parlementsverkiezingen belangrijk zijn voor de toekomst van Europa
  • Om deelname aan de verkiezingen te promoten
  • Om burgers de kans te geven om hun boodschap naar de verkiesbare kandidaten te sturen
We onthouden ons echter volledig van promotie van eender welke kandidaat of partij

Voor het project hebben we veel financiële steun nodig, alsook steun vanuit de politieke en de maatschappelijke hoek.

#RocktheUnion DK

Rock the Union

Hovedformålet med projektet er at øge opmærksomheden omkring det kommende valg til Europaparlamentet I 2014.

Sammen med et hold på 5 mennesker plus en buschauffør planlægger jeg at køre igennem alle 28 medlemsstater i en gammel engelsk ”Routemaster” bus fra midten af september indtil d. 16. maj 2014 med følgende formål:
  • at diskutere Europa med borgere på lokalt niveau,
  • at diskutere hvorfor valg til Europaparlamentet er vigtige for Europas fremtid,
  • at fremme idéen om at deltage i valget til Europaparlamentet,
  • at give borgerne en mulighed for at komme med deres ønsker og opråb til de kandidater, som stiller op til valget i 2014.
Initiativet har dog ikke som formål at fremme en bestemt kandidat eller en bestemt politisk gruppe.

For at projektet kan lykkes er der behov for såvel finansiel støtte som støtte fra både politiske og civilsamfundssfærerne.