Thursday, 4 July 2013

European Dreams Fare - Europe in my life

The idea of the European Dreams Fare:

Who ever said that Europe is a boring topic did not meet the people we are bringing together for the nicest four hour event of the "Rock the Union" tour. 

We will bring together: 

local artists
(DJs, painters, comic artists, poets, dancers, singers, chefs), 

the local civil society
(people who are active in your city to promote Europe & a better common life for all of us), 

the Europe Direct Offices
(people with an enormous knowledge about Europe and the European Union),

(people who know about jobs and work in Europe),

local businesses 
(those who like the European idea),


Your friends
Your family

Europe is about you and your life. We do not care as much about politics as we care about you, your needs, ideas wishes. We want you to tell us all of these things. We want you to enjoy a moment of great fun with all of us, your friends, your family. We want you to Rock the Union!

If you consider yourself to be any of the above mentioned and you want to take part in the European Dreams Fare, let us know by writing to

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