Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Gut Ding will Weile haben - Rome wasn't build in a day.

Believe it or not, I am fully aware of the situation.

"You know that it is just one months, until you want to start?!" - I have heard this sentence quite often in the last days when talking about the Rock the Union tour.

We are making sure that none of us will miss the bus.
There are people working on this project. By now we are eight people who dedicate their free time or in my case my whole time, to this project. We are discussing with Europe Direct offices, cities, representatives, and possible patrons; we write emails and call people.
We have little successes every day: news paper articles, people publicly talking about the Rock the Union tour, emails which are replies to requests for support or sponsorship, telling us that our matter is forwarded for closer consideration to the responsible units.
It is all nothing big. It’s step by step; one after the other, but it shows, that Rock the Union tour is something which is worth considering.
In times when supporting a pro-European awareness raising tour is a political statement, while keeping in mind that the whole continent is on vacation or summer work, all this is good and shows great progress.

We know we will not miss the bus,
because it is yours, hers, his, theirs, mine, our tour.
It is time for Rock the Union; we are at the point where we, the citizens of the European Union, have to change Europe. We all see this every day. But instead of hiding behind the "I am just one person..."-fear, we all, each and every one of us needs to collaborate; 

We need to work together
No matter if Cypriots with Germans, Italians with Romanians, Czechs with Slovaks, English with French, Flemish with Wallonian, Catalans with Spanish, we are all citizens of the European Union; we are all people living on the same continent.
The Rock the Union team members figured that collaboration on this basis is the most human behaviour:

If you can solve a problem better if you work together with other people, you are stupid if you try it alone.

The Rock the Union tour has supporters from the whole world, friends outside every men made border. We are already collaborating and you are welcome to join!

Rock the Union – Together we change Europe!

Have a good night!

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