Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Monday, Tuesday, it's already Wednesday..

It's a dead week. More or less everyone, who can decide on the call for support, which we sent out, is on vacation.
There are some great things waiting for approval, there is the decision, if we will have a bus, there is the AISBL we are founding right now.

We have since yesterday a new volunteer, an English woman, who fights for the UK to stay in the Union, which makes together with our great Catalan volunteer Victoria and our fabulous Czechoslovakian volunteer Monika three marvellous volunteers for this tour. Seriously, having so great people all over the Union to realise the Rock the Union tour is great! For more check out the team section!
We have new partner. The great organisation which is called Citizens for Europe (.EU) has become our partner and we are now officially working together! A great and warm "THANK YOU" to the organisation and its members which tries to bring a bit of organised structure into the European civil society! Check them out! They are linked on our partner page!
There was a great article about Rock the Union in the Slovak news today
http://www.hlavnespravy.sk/zvysit-zaujem-o-volby-do-ep-ma-aj-na-slovensku-projekt-rock-the-union/128852/, and for this I thank Miroslav Hajnos and Katarina Adamkova of European Dialog, very much! Great support from Slovakia!

Some food for thought:
Next week we talk to the Municipalities and Cities, imagine your city officially welcoming us all to change Europe together, wouldn't that be great?
And now:
For those who want to share some reason why we need to rock the Union, see this short exchange of views, from Europe&You:

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