Saturday, 10 August 2013

On a weekend

It's a bit early in the morning to consider this post an evening post, but this has its reasons.
Yesterday two things happened, which changed the combination of our team.
The Rock the Union team was until yesterday evening composed of Constantina, Gabriela, Alessandro, Caterina and me, Hans; Exept for Caterina you can see our presentation in the team section of this blog.
Since this tour is supposed to be a tour of nine month with a group of people we all do not really know yet it is really important that every member of this team feels well by the idea of spending the next 9 month together on this tour. I therefore wanted that everyone who is thinking about being part of this team really asks him or herself, if this is the right thing to do; without any negative or postitive connotation, if there would be a concrete job offer this should always be considered, if you are actually looking for a job, the tour is an adventure, fun, and a lot of work, but it is not a job.
Yesterday I received the email, that due to a concrete job offer Caterina will not be with us on the tour, nonetheless she will support us with all the help she can give us.
At fist this looked like a huge desaster. Loosing team members is never a good thing, even if the tour did not start yet, putting a team togther is work and requires time.

But here comes the second thing which happened yesterday: A friend of mine posted yesterday the question, if there would be someone who had a spare phone, mobile, simple, but working, for a friemd who had just lost his and since he is working really needs to be reachable. Having read the post and having some really old but still working simple phones, I wrote that I had one and this friend should just contact me so that he could come to pick up this phone.
The guy came we talked about what we both do and it turned out that he is a film maker, who is doing great projects on identity and what we understand when we discuss our own identity. From the point of view of the Rock the Union tour, this is a great project, for me this is awsone, since it shows interest in the environment one lives in.

He was interested in the Rock the Union tour and I sent him the links.

When I got the mail of Caterina and after I had time to think about the discussion I had with this film maker, I asked him if he could imagine to join the team and become our visual person.
Being an experienced professional he had a lot of questions and we met and discussed today. This took a bit longer than expected, but was worth every word.

Since we are right now on the point of creating the AISBL, where two of my flatmates are helping with the translation of the text into legal French, there is no concrete need for a visual person, but for the tour and how we all will see it, there will be a need. I made the offer and we agreed to see next week while in tge meantime he thinks about the discussions we had today, and while we are finishing the AISBL matters.

From a feeling deep down though, I can say we found a worthy succsesor for Caterina while being able to still work all together.

This is the spirit of the Rock the Union tour. Everything will be fine in the end, if it is not fine, it is not the end. Together we change Europe.

Have a good morning reading this post.

Good night,


P.s.: The guy is called Moji, more information about him come when it is time for it! ;)

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