Friday, 9 August 2013

What has to be said

Dear friends & partners,
Dear companions on the road to Europe,
The last seven weeks have been challenging, difficult and learning intensive.
I learned what it means to start something many people like. I learned to ask for help and to ask for support. I understood what collaboration does mean and what it can mean. I met dozens of people who were listening with an interested or even enthusiastic ear to the idea of the Rock the Union tour and to how I want to do this. Most of them were you, since I had not met most of you before I started this project. For this I want to thank you! Without your support, your open ear, your sometimes kind, sometimes wise words the idea of the Rock the Union tour would never have come this far. By now the Rock the Union tour is now idea of one single person any more. We have more than 1000 followers on Facebook and more than 500 followers on Twitter, due to your help by spreading the word about the tour. Rock the Union has now a team of five people and more and more volunteers in different places all over the European Union, who all are working on making this great idea a real tour. Without your help there wouldn’t be anyone of these people. Without your support no-one would know about Rock the Union.
By now we have three patrons, who are Jo Leinen, the President of the European Movement International, Ulrike Guérot the Head of the Berlins office of the European Council on Foreign relations, and the President of the European Economic and Social Committee Henri Malosse; all three represent the will to create and support the creation of a Europe we all want to live in.
At the same time we are now cooperating with different civil society organizations and one European Citizens’ Initiative who all are promoting citizenship, the debate about Europe and the idea of communicating Europe in a way which is reaching out towards our fellow citizens. A side effect of all of this is that by now we have the official support of the European Commission Representation in Belgium and an enormously big amount of people in the European institutions who are all in their private capacity supporting this project.
Having lived Brussels and the Eurobubble and worked in the field of citizenship and communicating Europe for the last two years, I can say that I am awfully proud of you all! What all Eurosceptics always said is proven wrong by now! Pro-Europeans can work together! They are able to collaborate and they are able to all pull on one rope!
Rock the Union has now come to the point that it is no longer an idea. We have come to the point to where we need to create a Europe wide collaboration on legal basis. We are therefore creating an AISBL, an international non for profit organisation. Right now we are in the process of writing the statutes and translating them into French. As soon as we handed all papers in to the authorities we will take the next steps towards making the Rock the Union project a road show through Europe.

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