Friday, 9 August 2013

What is missing...

Is concrete engagement of those who we actually want to reach, you, the citizen. The Rock the Union tour lacks a story. This is something I realised the other day.
I am writing a lot of emails right now. I answer to questions and try to delegate all work I cannot do myself, like translations into other languages or communication in different languages to others.
But what I did not do until now is to tell the story about Rock the Union. Gauthier, one of the guys from the start-up Old Continent said that it is sad that the Rock the Union crowd funding video does not tell the story of this totally crazy guy, who says "I am going to Rock the Union with everyone in Europe, because I love Europe and I know that it works." It is easy as this. This is my incentive.

I always thought that this is to banal to actually say it. But after having had a lot of discussions while analysing what I am doing and not doing in, with, and for the Rock the Union tour, I realised, that I am doing the same mistake as all those do, who started with a great idea which then did not succeed. I did not care about those who carry the whole tour: You.
I am aware of this situation and this post is the start of the story the Rock the Union tour. I will tell you every evening from now on, how far we've come and what happened, the good and the great things, but also the sad and confusing moments. There are no bad moments; this tour is a challenge, to those who organise it. But it is also our challenge to you. Are you willing to shake the structure of our political system? Are you willing to rock the Union with us?

Have a good night!
P.s.: Looking forward to tell you more tomorrow.

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