CEMR works to promote a united Europe that is based on local and regional self government and democracy. To achieve this goal it endeavours to shape the future of Europe by enhancing the local and regional contribution, to influence European law and policy, to exchange experience at local and regional level and to cooperate with partners in other parts of the world.
CEMR works in many fields of activity such as regional policy, transport, the environment, equal opportunities, governance... Its committees and working groups seek to influence draft EU legislation to make sure the interests and concerns of local and regional authorities are taken into account from the earliest stages of the EU legislative process. is a project co-financed by the European Parliament, aimed at preparing young and first­time voters for participation in the elections by informing them about key decisions taken by the European Parliament in the current legislature and showing what is at stake in key policy areas.
VoteWatch Europe is developing a dedicated, innovative website and associated online tools (apps, widgets) that will allow young voters to gain a better understanding of the role and functioning of the European Parliament and the policy choices made by MEPs on a set of 15 key issues of interest to young voters.
The website will be available in English, French, German, Italian, Polish and Spanish, and will be launched in Brussels in mid-September 2013. Users can take a survey of their political preferences in which they vote on the selected issues. On the basis of the choices they make the website will tell users which MEPs, national parties and EP political groups match their preferences most closely.

We want to encourage a genuine conversation between Europe’s politicians and the citizens they serve – and that means taking YOUR questions, comments and ideas directly to policy makers for them to respond.

From the start, we’ve taken a bottom-up approach, with the citizens very much in the driving seat of the debate, asking the questions they want answered and putting forward their opinions for the politicians to react. It’s also been a European debate, not just a national one; citizens and policy-makers from every country in the EU have joined in.
The goal of the initiative is to develop the political dimension of the European project by reinforcing citizens’ awareness that they share a common destiny. It would have the following effects: - To enhance the concept of European Citizenship; - To facilitate freedom of movement within the EU; In addition, it could contribute to remedying the loss of voting rights presently experienced by a significant number of EU citizens who are long-term residents of other Member States.
"OneEurope is a grass-root organisation supported by a community of volunteers from all over Europe. It is a place of informed and informing debate, a place to get inspired and to gain insight into Europe's diverse opinion culture. It is furthermore a platform to connect, network and get an overview over the European political and public sphere. OneEurope creates a hub to exchange insights and breathe the spirit and the diversity of Europe."
The European Dialogue of Perspective Attitude (EDPA) considers itself as an information media of European affairs for the youth in Slovakia. Members of the association believe, that the strength of the EU lies in each citizen because citizens are ones of main actors in politics of the EU by which we are touched everyday. The European Dialogue of Perspective Attitude (EDPA) is to create an educational platform, to inform about european affairs and about opportunities for citizens of the Slovak Republic, mainly for the youth. Its goal is to mobilise active pro-European thinking people, to defend and promote Slovak interests in the EU.
polis – The Austrian Centre for Citizenship Education in Schools is the central education service institution for citizenship education in schools. The centre helps teachers to bring citizenship and human rights education into the classroom, serves as an information platform and advisory centre, develops new materials for the classroom on a regular basis, plays a part in the European and Austrian discussions on citizenship education, has an influential role in teacher training and organizes events for students.
With the activities on offer polis supports skills-oriented teaching, the aim of which is a political awareness which the student has reached through careful deliberation. In this respect it is not primarily a question of the acquisition of the broadest possible range of knowledge, but of learning activities which enable the student to learn about, think about and deal with political themes. The activities are therefore linked to the lives and experiences of the students themselves.
The European Network for Transfer and Exploitation of EU Project Results (E.N.T.E.R.) is a non-profit association officially registered in Austria.

E.N.T.E.R. was founded to serve four main purposes:
  • To support European Union strategies through the dissemination and exploitation of project results funded by European programmes for the benefit of all European citizens.
  • To offer EU project coordinators the opportunity to disseminate information about their projects and their results to a broad community of interested organisations and bodies.
  • To give European citizens and organisations the opportunity to receive information regularly about developments and results in the EU project community.
  • To give interested organisations the opportunity to find EU project groups and consortia for exchanging knowledge and developing innovative project ideas.
EUROPE DIRECT information centre - Wrexham is an information centre for all issues concerning Europe and the European Union. We are a non profit organisation based in Wrexham Library and we provide a wealth of information by means of EU publications. All of our services are free of charge.
EUROPE DIRECT information centre - Wrexham has several functions which include:
  • Providing free, factual and up-to-date resources, information and publications
  • To provide free workshops, seminars and events for schools, colleges and youth groups
  • To disseminate information from the European Union to the general public, schools, libraries, businesses and other groups
  • To encourage debate on European Union matters such as immigration, politics or the environment etc.
  • To collect feedback, opinions and suggestions from local people and send it back to the European Commission so that your voice can be heard in Europe.
The Interactive Media Knowledge Transfer (InterMedi@KT) is a non-profit organization working as a broker for vocational education, training and innovation. We aim at supporting, inspiring and empowering actions of evolving business and entrepreneurship. Located in Patras, Greece, we provide an effective promotion of knowledge and vocational training through e-learning activities. What is more we are looking to expand our network of activities and partners on both a national and international level, believing in and pursuing exchange of knowledge, experience and know-how, along with the empowerment of a "citizen of the world" profile for EU citizens.
In past European elections, a general lack of information on the elections and the issues at stake meant that around 70% of the European Union's youth did not make use of their right to vote. As a consequence of this, the focus on young people's needs and interests was alarmingly low. Young people of the EU are barely represented in the European Parliament and issues concerning them are not debated! Yet the current crisis has hit many of us - it has particularly affected the lives of young people.
Whatever your opinion of the EU may be, the EU makes decisions that influence your daily life. Being involved in these decisions is therefore important for you and for the society you live in. We want you to be able to tell to decision-makers where their focus should be, and start discussing with politicians on how you see the future! We will help by building a relationship with policy makers and letting them know that your voice needs to be heard.
On this website, you will find all the information you need in order to vote in an informed way,
make yourself heard, and select the leaders that you feel represent you the best. This is just the beginning of the journey of the League of Young Voters.
Stay tuned for more to come in the next months!
Make your choice, or others will make it for you...
Donner en priorité la parole à la jeunesse.
Le projet We are Europe aspire à réunir des jeunes européens autour de la construction d’un grand projet politique pour la jeunesse, en vue des élections européennes de 2014. Chacun est libre de nous rejoindre pour contribuer.

Interpeller les députés européens sur le thème de la jeunesse.

On n’entend malheureusement que trop peu parler du Parlement européen dans l’actualité. Il faut changer cette réalité, et faire réaliser à tous l’importance de ces grandes instances internationales.

À cet effet, nous engagerons une campagne de dialogue et de rencontre auprès de la jeunesse, avec des intervenants, pour parler d’Europe. Nous entendons ainsi être un laboratoire d’idées, rassemblant des jeunes de tous horizons sociaux, politiques, afin de réfléchir sur les thèmes qui préoccupent la jeunesse. Tout ceci aboutira à la publication d’un livre comprenant les propositions classées par thèmes, des interviews des acteurs européens ainsi que la vision que nous avons de l’Europe et de son futur. was designed for (and by) European citizen organisations who want to make Europe more participative and democratic. is a unique initiative raising the profile of European citizen organisations, their events and their proposals. Its services are offered entirely free of charge, enabling you to forge connections and alliances, to raise your media profile and exert a stronger influence on policy-makers.
Ad hoc is a student organization established in 2010 by four students of political science with intention to hold informal discussions on actual international and domestic topics. Since 2010 we have grown to a full fledged organization, which has a rich list of activities ranging from youth exchanges (Youth in Action), organizing big conferences and events and issuing short policy briefs and recommendations. We are still looking for new ways how to get engaged in and how to influence things that are going on around us!

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