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Here we are! We wanted you to show who is actually behind this tour and who will be on the Rock the Unin bus :)


I am the one who had the idea to do this great tour. I studied Modern European History & Politics in Germany. Today I am a communication consultant for social media & organizer of what I call the greatest tour in Europe. And I am the one asking you foryour support in the first place.
When I am asked why I do this I only have one answer, because I love Europe; the people, the culture, the food, the languages & all the different places.  I also love politics, the idea of people coming together to find the best solutions for all the societies they represent. But right now there are a lot of things in the European Union not going right. Many of us are unemployed, more & more people have to leave their countries to find work and on the same time decisions are taken in favor of those who do not want a Europe in which we all have a common and positive future. I say we have to change this.
The European Parliament is the political institution that represents all of us in the European Union, who have the right to vote. It is the place where our ideas, whishes and demands are represented on the European level. Still it isn’t well known and lacks legitimacy because not enough people voted for it. I want to change this.:
I want you to know about the European Parliament, about its powers and limitations. I honestly do not care about whom you vote for, that’s your choice, but I want you to know that you can vote, when you can vote and whom you can vote for!
I am looking forward to meet you in one of the 123 cities we are visiting with the Rock the Union tour. We will have great fun! And don’t worry, if you do not like my idea, that’s ok, as long as you come to discuss yours with me ;-)


I’m a young environmentalist and an adventurer, driven by the strong belief that we hold the future in our own hands, only that we have to play our card wisely!
I graduated from college last year, and since then I was involved in several projects and initiatives. I’ve done pretty much everything, from organizing events and writing communication materials, to holding educational session and working closely with local communities in order to raise awareness on a wide range of concerning trends.
I love traveling, especially if challenge comes included. Don’t get me wrong, I’m fine with things going on nice and smoothly, but a bit of thrill won’t do any harm.


When I came across Hans's idea about a tour around Europe with a red London bus, with the objective of bringing Europe together and sharing the ideal of European Union by direct communication with the people, I became very excited. How original. The tour itself is a symbol of the unity between the simple people, starting with the motivation of a group of a few young people, starting with the five persons lucky to be on that bus, and extending it to the thousands and millions from the very west of Portugal/Ireland to the very east of Cyprus, and from the profound north of Finland to the southern point of Malta. We come to you this time, bringing a hopeful message about the future of Europe, rebuilding the shaken trust, only hoping to be heard and taken seriously. In times of crisis it is normal that people lose their trust among one another, fear is created and hope vanishes gradually, the key ingredients to building a common future together. We need to find a way to communicate our needs, and put together a Europe for our children and our children's children, that will respect each and every citizen to the very last handicap or elderly citizen living in the smallest community, and will be the composition of the best cultural features of every European country that wishes to be part of it. It will be the front for citizen's rights and wellbeing and the community that everyone can be part of. Today is the day to start doing something about this and not tomorrow. We must participate actively and share what we feel, fear or dream with the other Europeans. Start by voting at the EU Parliament elections, showing our presence and confirming its validity as many important decisions are being made every day without us instead of with us.


It's been quite some time since I started to work on an audiovisual project about the relationship Individuals have with places, especially with the place they are living in.
The project is called, “Homelove”: it involves collecting quotes and short stories from the people I met and including these narratives alongside photographs or videos of the people.

Somewhere along the way "Rock the Union" was born. I found within this project an answer; a project about loving and caring, the place we are living in, the idea of crossing all EU countries and interacting, empathizing, discussing, informing ourselves and exchanging thoughts and information with EU citizens  about what Europeans feel of the EU and the rights in EU general rules.
For me Rock the Union means: We can have a better place to live, with togetherness and taking part in creating what tomorrow can bring us. That is why I am here, to make this idea come true.
I studied cinema and I have worked as director, editor, cameraman, DOP, photographer and video-journalist across various media platforms.
During the Rock the Union tour I will work at developing and producing news and stories through investigation, interviews, shooting, editing, and reporting on a weekly basis. You will witness, whatever reflects our team’s experience and creativity in the end result.


Our great Volunteers!



I am Catalan from Barcelona, where I am currently studying a Master's in International Relations at IBEI. I spent a semester in Universytet Jagiellonian, in Kraków, some years ago, at the Center for European Studies. I am interested in European affairs and I hope to see a real federal european union in the future, with my country becoming the 29th.



I am a 26-year-old recent graduate of Czechoslovak origin who has always been passionated by Europe and its integration. During my studies of economics and politics, both focusing on European integration, I have been taught how the European Union suffers from a communication and democratic deficit. However, I could not miss the fact how few (successful) actions have been actually undertaken so far to reverse this situation. Therefore, I became so enthusiastic when I first read about the Rock the Union project and decided to join its volunteer team. I am very pleased to contribute to this project of bringing Europe closer to the citizens and draw on the experience in the communication field I have gained during my longstanding volunteering in one of the ca. 500 existing Europe Direct Information Centres.

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